Ground Water Department

Government of Uttar Pradesh

World Bank Scheme-2

  • Preparation and updation of Knowledgebase for entire State through Design, development and implementation of Ground Water Information system (GWIS) for U.P state.
  • Establishment of Data Centres
    • Divisional Data Centre ( 18 Nos.)
    • Regional Data Centre ( 2 Nos.)
    • State Data Centre
  • Updation of Ground Water Assessment Methodology adopting advanced integrated field techniques and modern assessment tools for validation of norms through consultancy services
  • I- Consultancy study for Micro river basin wise approach for ground water estimation and realistic resource assessment/ evaluation with parameter validation for Stressed Saharanpur district- A Pilot study
  • II- Special studies for Sustainable Ground Water Management and Ground Water Auditing in stressed Urban area of Lucknow through consultancy services.
  • III- Consultancy Study of Ground water quality related issues in Industrial areas of Kanpur
  • IV- Procurement of services to conduct field tests (Aquifer parameter test) to find hydro-geological propoerties for validation of ground water norms
  • Hydro geomorphological studies combined with Resistivity Imaging and bore hole logging in part of Bundelkhand area including procurement of Geophysical Instruments.