Ground Water Department

Government of Uttar Pradesh

World Bank Scheme-1

  • I- DWLR, telemetry on existing piezometers with security arrangement, cablewire etc with Data Retrieval.
  • II- O/M of DWLR with telemetry
  • Pre instalation survey for proposed DWLR sites
  • Operation Maintenance of DWLR installed in the Phase I area with Data Retrieval.
  • I- Multiple Monitoring station with 03 piezometers of different depths to assess aquifer dependent ground water characteristics with DWLR Telemetry system.
  • II- Upkeep of existing hydrograph station network by replacement of non-representative Hydrograph station through new Peizometers in the state.
  • Procurement of field equipments for water level monitoring- WL Sounder, Steel Tapes, GPS etc.
  • Procurement of Field water quality kits with spectrophotometer and digital titrator and Water Quality Sampler pumps and related equipments.