Ground Water Department

Government of Uttar Pradesh

World Bank Scheme

1. Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project Phase-II (UPWSRP-II)
S.No. Title Detail
1. Upgradation of existing monitoring system View Detail
2. Development of comprehensive groundwater management plan for the state View Detail
3. Development of Aquifer management and conjunctive use plan for selected blocks in Fatehpur district, adopting basin approach. View Detail
4. Capacity Building/Institutional Development (Project Implementation Cell, GWD) View Detail

2. National Hydrology Project (NHP)
S.No. Main Activities
1. Water Resources Data Acquisition System.
2. Water Resources Information System.
3. Water Resources operation and Planning.
4. Institutions Capacity Enhancement.

3. Atal Bhujal Yojana (National Ground Water Management Improvement - NGMIS)

NGMIS aims to effectively improve ground water conditions by ensuring sustainability of resource both qualitatively and quantitatively, involvement of community for Ground Water Management through participatory approach for self regulation at field and institutional strengthening. Project is formed to stressed blocks of Bundelkhand and Western UP.

SrNo Title Dtail
1. Atal Bhujal Yojana (Atal Jal) Program Guidelines (Version 1.1) View Details
2. Selected list of Gram Panchayats of Uttar Pradesh implementation of Atal Bhujal Yojana View Details
3. District Program Management Unit (DPMU) View Detail
4. State Program Management Unit (SPMU) View Detail
5. State Level Inter-deptt. Steering Committee (SISC) View Detail
Data Related to Atal Ground Water Scheme
S.No. Title Detail
1. Zone Map-26 Block (Post Monsoon 2019) View Detail
2. Zone Map-26 Block (Post Monsoon 2017) View Detail
3. Water Level Data View Detail
4. Ponds Detail View Detail
5. Checkdams Detail View Detail
6. Gridwise Location of Hydrograph St. with Water Level View Detail
7. Location of Hydrograph St. with Water Level View Detail