Ground Water Department

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Important Tasks

The main tasks of the Department are given below-
  • Monitoring of groundwater levels in rural and urban areas.
  • Block wise assessment of groundwater resources.
  • Survey and field study of groundwater resources through scientific techniques.
  • Site selection for minor irrigation works through Geophysical survey /execution of groundwater survey.
  • Groundwater management and planning.
  • Task of mapping groundwater through GIS technology.
  • Aquifer Mapping / Groundwater Mapping function.
  • Organisation of ''Groundwater Week" for public awareness between 16th July to 22nd July.
  • Scientific studies of various groundwater problems concerning quality and availability.
  • Technical coordination, monitoring and technical consultancy of Groundwater exploitation, water conservation, harvesting and recharge schemes.
  • Prepared technical guidelines for recharge and provide consultancy.
  • Other Functions
    • Construction of tube wells.
    • Construction of rainwater harvesting / recharging system.