Ground Water Department

Government of Uttar Pradesh


Planned use of groundwater resources in the state, management, research and exploration for underground water survey in 1975, independent organization known as the Department established a separate department. In 1983 the name changed to 'Department of groundwater has been ".

The primary objective of the research department of the state's groundwater resources, management, planning and related problems Srvenkshn ,study, assessment, planning and development guidelines to be issued.

1624/62-1-2004-7 mandate W. P No. 0/2004 TC dated September 8, 2004 in the state groundwater protection, harvesting and recharging schemes for effective coordination and monitoring, research and exploration of groundwater, groundwater resources management and planning in the long term Directorate for the control of ground water and groundwater, "Nodal Agency" has been declared.